I have had the most amazing experience working with Caroline. I have been able to move past some harboured feelings and work towards being the person I was meant to be. I have learned to have better balance through doing assigned exercises and homework. I am very grateful and fortunate to have been able to work with Caroline. With all of her life experiences she really is able to guide you to get through the fog and come out to the light. We all need balance in our lives and I am forever grateful for her support on my journey.
I have really enjoyed the work we’ve done together. You have such a gentle, accepting and open manner, you held space for me and created a safe, trusting and nurturing environment in which for us to work together. Our time together took me to places I had never imagined in such a unique way to any other way I had worked with before. You opened up my own awareness and creativity with such a tenderness and ease. I had realizations and observations about myself I had not even been aware of before. At the end of our sessions I felt such an ease of contact with my own gratitude, happiness and lightness of spirit, which were previously so buried in life’s drudgery. I looked forward to every one of our sessions and I knew I would connect with myself in a new and interesting way that would bring me closer to understanding myself in a far greater depth than I had even imagined before. Even though we were in totally different parts of the world I felt a real connection to you, through your understanding, our laughter and my tears! To try and put this experience and my gratitude for you into words feels like an injustice to our time together!
Caroline is absolutely wonderful. She encourages and challenges while respecting boundaries, truly listens, and completely accepts where you are at without even a hint of judgement. It is abundantly clear that she honestly wants to help and I felt incredibly supported in our sessions.

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