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If you have taken the Introduction to Vedic Chant, or equivalent, you are invited to join our ongoing chant classes, where we delve deeper into the chants and practices.

Each week there is a live class, which you can join, or you can watch later on the replay. You have access to all past classes as long as you maintain your subscription.

Your subscription comes with the bonus course, “Introduction to Vedic Chant” so that you can refresh your knowledge anytime. 

Introduction to Vedic Chant

This course is a thorough introduction to Vedic Chant for the beginner, or experienced chanter who wants a refresher in the basics.

Each of the seven lessons includes an hour long video class, a pdf of the presentation used in each class, handouts and audio recordings of the chants learned in the class. 

You will learn the Sanskrit alphabet and how it’s intelligently organized by the way the words are formed in the mouth and the meaning according to the vibration. You will learn the six basic rules of Vedic chant and how they apply to all chants. You will also learn chants to honour peace, the sun, and light. Each chant includes a practice to deepen the potency and create an embodied experience.

Every class begins with a guided centring practice, the main lesson and an embodied practice drawn from the main lesson.

This course is a pre-requisite for joining the ongoing Vedic chant classes where we explore longer and more intricate chants from the Vedas and other related texts.